Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Christmas Rush is On!

Only 10 more days until Christmas? Say it isn't so! This holiday always manages to sneak up on me somehow. This week is filled with a 2nd grade recital, a church recital, a haircut and color {badly needed by me!} and an appointment with a physical therapist for my {yet again!} pulled calf muscle.

I managed to overdo it a few weeks back when I was running up some trail hills in preparation for my half marathon and pulled a calf muscle. I was forced to quit running for a week and then tested my calf out on a treadmill and felt fine. Two days later I decided to do my run outside and at 4 1/2 miles I had to stop. Yup, I think I exacerbated my original injury. Great.

So I'm just a bit frustrated that I can't train for yet another week but decided to get some advice from a physical therapist so that I don't keep repeating the same mistake because my time is running out {no pun intended.}

Here are the last 3 days of my December Daily.



I crack up when I look at the photo of my dad holding up his "ugly" cookie. I had a last piece of dough that was too small to cut out one last cookie so I decided it was going to be his "lump of coal" cookie. I frosted it and added some sprinkles and a few chocolate chips and it ended up looking like a holiday skeleton! When he put it up next to his face for some reason I thought I saw a resemblance. LOL.

Darren was showing off his hand-frosted cookie. He decided to give his snowman a yellow shirt. So after spending 4 hours baking and frosting 137 cookies I succumbed to eating 3 cookies. One was broken and the other 2...well, I have no excuse. Ha! Ha!

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