Saturday, December 12, 2009

December Daily pages 9 - 11 and a letter back from Santa!

Here are the past 3 days of my December Daily pages.



The Parents Club at Darren's school held their 1st annual Winterfest yesterday. All proceeds benefited the school directly so supporting the event was a no-brainer. The school was jam-packed! Kids were allowed to shop for their parents and siblings in a kids-only area of the cafeteria with high school student volunteers helping them with their shopping list. They were even provided with free gift wrapping with helpers to boot!  There were craft projects galore, a Scholastic Book Store and even Santa was in the house for photos! The line was too long by the time we got there but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. Darren really enjoyed the opportunity to gift shop on his own {so to speak} and he can't wait for us to see what he chose.

Are you ready for the big news of the day?
This afternoon Darren received a letter from the one and only:

He was so excited to open it and read what Santa had to say. I know what I'm journaling about today but you won't be able to see it until tomorrow!

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