Saturday, July 18, 2009

4th of July Waterworks?

We usually stay home on the 4th of July as our dog Bella goes CRAZY when she hears fireworks. She is a lab/pit bull mix but is a total sweetheart. The poor thing gets so anxious and scared that she whimpers from the loud sounds. We usually put her in our bedroom and turn the TV on real loud so that the sound from the TV drowns out the noise from the fireworks.

This year my husband's cousin was kind enough to invite us {and Bella} over to their house for a BBQ. The host/hostess have a tradition of having a water balloon toss on the 4th of July. So, we all lined up and tossed water balloons back and forth until we had the last surviving team.

hmmm...I don't think Bernadette won!

Some of the boys also played a game of baseball with a whiffle bat and ball.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Few Projects and Duran Duran!

I have so many photos to upload from the past few summer camping trips that I am procrastinating and am instead going to post a few photos of a few gifts I made recently. ;)

I sent this to my sister since I figured she'd enjoy this rare photo of her actually willing to pose and smile. {I am sure it has everything to do with her niece and nephews surrounding her!} This picture was taken in a very large downed and hollow redwood tree at Memorial Park near Pescadero, CA.

I also made this mini-book for my dear friend Jennifer who flew out from the East Coast to visit me for 4 days. I knew I wanted to make an album for her but when I saw these extra large playing cards at the gift shop at Alcatraz Island during our tour I knew it was fate for me to buy them. LOL

In 3 days we managed to:

score a free upgrade to a suite at the Fairmont with an incredible view of the Bay
shop at Union Square
ride a cable car
have a drink inside of the Tonga room & dance to "Hungry Like the Wolf" on the dance floor :)
take the Alcatraz Island tour
visit Ghiradelli Square
visit Pier 39 {and most importantly the sea lions!}
shop on the Haight/Ashbury
see Golden Gate Park
drive on the Pacific Coast Highway and the Marin Headlands
tour Muir Woods
and lay in the sand at Stinson Beach

I was exhausted by the time Jennifer left but was so sad to see her go.

Oh - on a side note, I saw Duran Duran at the Fillmore in SF last week. They played a great set to a sell-out crowd. I will readily admit it was my 9th Duran Duran concert since they reunited back in 2004. So, yes, that would mean I am a full-fledged Duranie!

I managed to win a meet and greet with the band after the show although only 2 of the 4 band members showed. Here are my photos with Simon Le Bon and John Taylor {excuse the latter with the deer-in-the-headlights look!}

A photo of me and my friend Lisa after finding out we both won the meet and greet.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Is that you, cousin?

I have been meaning to write about a timely family reunion up in Sonora late last month. With the passing of my maternal grandmother last month, this Wentworth reunion was something I didn't want to miss.

This reunion was special because (1.) this family gathering was a perfect way to celebrate my grandmother's life even though this reunion was planned well before my grandmother's passing. And (2.) I haven't seen many of my cousins on my mother's side for close to 10 years. In some cases, almost 30 years!

I was most excited to see my cousin Pammy (yeah, a childhood name that I still have to call her! - Sorry, Pam!) because we used to "hang out" together at grandma and grandpa's house in Redwood City when we were about 10 or so. She's been living in Kentucky and Missouri now for as long as I can remember so when I heard that she flew out for the reunion with her son, I was anxious to see her again. This day also happened to be her actual birthday so here she is with her birthday hat and cupcake:

and a pic with her son:

Pam and me!

Believe it or not, we actually roasted a pig. My dad couldn't help himself but to be the man in charge.

Uncle Bob and my parents

Cousin Steve and his special chef's hat

Mom and two of her brothers Bob (on the left) and Frank.

"the boys"

Darren at Pinecrest Lake. We spent the day there while the men roasted the pig!

Mom and my Aunt Becky

It was so great to see uncles and cousins and their wives and husbands and children. The Wentworth family definitely multiplies like rabbits I tell you!

"The great gift of family life is to be intimately acquainted with people you might never even introduce yourself to, had life not done it for you. "
- Kendall Hailey

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Glimmer Mist and a Holiday

Happy 4th of July to all! May you all enjoy a fun and safe holiday.

I stumbled upon Celine's blog this morning and found this:

*Glimmer Mist is the same great product with a fabulous NEW Look!*

I love how the new bottles show off their fabulous colors. Looks like there will be no doubt about what colors I'm bringing home with the clear bottles! Yay!

Be sure to check out the Tattered Angels website if you've never used glimmer mist on your layouts. They are addicting and fun to use!