Wednesday, July 28, 2010

...and we're off! the beginning of another school year, that is!

Here he is on his first day as a third grader:
I'm so proud of him!

I have to say I'm looking forward to going back to our "routine" which will include a not-so-fun return to the gym! 

So here is the cover and a few pages of the latest camping album I just finished. 

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Where'd the Summer Go???

So I haven't blogged because I've been gone most of this short summer! Darren starts school a week from tomorrow. Yikes!

We came back from our last "big" camping trip of the summer at Wishon Village in Fresno County. The campground was a disappointment {can you say RV park? blah!} but the lake was gorgeous. The water was so clear and cold and the kids LOVED all of the granite rocks to climb and what they dubbed as "Rock Island." Here they are fishing on it:

Here's Darren showing off the only trout we caught on this trip:

Bruce diving off the rocks:

Yeah, we did more tie-dying {I think it's a tradition now!}

We brought Bella along on the trip!
Roasting s'mores with kids from the campsite across from us. Um, those kids are a whole other story!

On a scrapbooking note, here are the last few pages of my Style File mini book that I finished from Vee's online class.

front cover:


Ginger & I scrapped at Scrapbook Territory last night and I just about finished yet another camping book. I'll post a few pictures soon.