Monday, December 7, 2009

Sick Day #5 and Counting!

My poor little guy is STILL sick! If he continues with his fever tomorrow he'll be seeing his pediatrician. He is being a trooper though. The kid has been overdosing on Sponge Bob SquarePants and iCarly episodes as well as taking advantage of the freedom to drink as much Sprite as he wants. I love how he looks on the bright side of things!

So here is the reason for my getting behind in my December Daily journal:


Different variations of this snow globe are everywhere on craft blogs thanks to Holly Hanks' idea that has spread like the flu! It was totally fun to make and it's happily displayed at the entrance to our house.

Here are my December Daily pages 4 & 5. I'm currently working on yesterday and today's pages.


I am so anxious to get back to running because my half marathon is exactly 2 months from today. Ack! I pulled a calf muscle running up 2 1/2 miles of hills {see Dec. Daily page 5}so I guess Darren's illness couldn't be better timed. We're both out for the count for's hoping for a healthier day tomorrow!

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