Monday, June 2, 2008

The last week of school - CRUNCH time!

So there are 3 school days left for Darren in Kinder- garten. I can't believe he'll be a first-grader come July! (I know! We start school on the early side!)

Speaking of Darren, my poor child has to have 2 baby teeth pulled (one is lovingly named the 'snaggletooth' LOL because it is an extra tooth.) This little invader has now caused all of his adult teeth that have come in to shift to one side which is now going to mean BRACES this summer.


Today I took my cat, Bocce, to the vet today because he's been literally licking all of his fur off and the vet said it's either fleas, allergies or STRESS. Now how can a cat have stress? He lays around all day napping, sitting in the sun, I mean, he's got the life, right?!? On top of that he needs $600 worth of dental work. Yikes! I guess that's what happens when a cat goes through almost 12 years of life without a dental cleaning.

So, I guess it's a good thing I'm teaching summer school. LOL

On the scrappin' front, I went to a Relay for Life fundraiser crop on Saturday and got about halfway through a mini-book I'm working on for my student who is graduating from 8th grade on Wednesday. As soon as it's done I'll post some pictures!

Have a great week!

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