Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Blissful Saturday

I was finally able to enjoy a much-needed "down day" yesterday. I slept in, enjoyed numerous cups of coffee :) and went to the gym. Hey, I can't be a sloth ALL day. ha ha

Darren and I finished our ongoing Monopoly game after cooling off with a little trip to Jamba Juice and finished off our day with dinner of his choice at a local taqueria. I put him to bed early since he was up LATE the night before with me hosting a slumber party with his "wingman" Hayden.

Then I got to scrap! Yay!

Here's what I pulled off in a few hours. Enjoy! Tomorrow it's off to Reno for a few nights. Can a girl dream big of hitting a jackpot??? Or perhaps just returning to the LSS? It's a small store but a goodie!

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