Monday, June 9, 2008

May the Force be with You

Talk about a roadtrip! Ginger & I just got back from spending 2 days in Disneyland with the boys. Both days the boys were picked for the Jedi training show where they were given a light saber lesson and successfully battled the evil Darth Vader. That experience was the highlight of their trip for sure. Needless to say, I took about 100 pictures between the two. LOL

It was also a big milestone for them since they both met the height requirement for the adult rides. They LOVED the Matterhorn Bobsleds, Thunder Mountain Railroad and the Indiana Jones Adventure ride. I wish I could've taken some pictures but I didn't want to chance breaking my beloved camera on the rides!

We did manage to squeeze in a bit of "mommy time" by swinging by two scrapbook stores (How could we not!) Scrapbook Oasis was our first stop. I was so happy to find the Maya Road chipboard tree I've been lusting over. Our second stop was a brief visit to Sweetpeas & Snapshots. It was a fun little store with lots of eclectic little goodies.

So now I have 2 days to unpack, wash the laundry and then get ready for our 4-day camping trip to Big Basin on Wednesday! I know, I'm crazy, huh? ;)


Amanda L. said...

Sounds like the boys and moms had a blast!!!

debbiefitz said...

Looks like you had a great time!
Can't wait to see those pictures scrapped.