Monday, May 26, 2008

What's on your Bucket List?

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted but at least I have lots to talk about!

So Friday night was an exciting night. I was able to make a dream come true for both myself and my 8th grade student, Josh.

Thanks to a very DEAR friend (you know who you are!) her husband was able to donate 2 Diamond Level seats to the A's vs. Red Sox game in Oakland. We were able to watch the game right behind home plate. Simply an amazing experience if you are a baseball fan. You can hear the ball hit the catcher's mitt and you get a completely different view of the game from that vantage point.

We are both baseball fanatics and this was my graduation gift of sorts to him for all of his hard work over the school year. I am so incredibly proud of his accomplishments and we both had the BEST time. Sitting in these seats also happened to be something on my "bucket list" of things I want to do/see in my lifetime. It was nice to cross off the second item from my list! The first thing I did from my list was to see Prince live in concert last year and he was amazing. The rest of my bucket list entails international travel so I don't think I'll be getting to the rest of my list until Darren is in college or later! But back to the topic at hand...

We were able to arrive during the Red Sox's batting practice and Josh was able to get a baseball signed by 5 of the Red Sox players. So incredibly cool! The all-you-can-eat benefit of these seats was also a plus! And yes, the A's beat the Red Sox. Yay!

On a totally unrelated subject, I also just got back from 2 nights in Las Vegas with Bruce and my mother-in-law. We basically went down to see Phantom of the Opera, which was fantastic. We took a few pictures at the new Palazzo casino which is a part of the Venetian casino. Simply gorgeous! And did I mention that they have a Barney's New York there? I had to go in and check it out for myself. Who knew I could find a cute pair of sandals for only $800? LOL

Hope you all have a great Memorial Day today!


Danielle said...

What an awesome night, I love the pics!! I can't wait to see those scrapped!!!! :) You have had a fun filled week!!!! Love the photos!! :)


Thanks for stopping by!!
I love new visitors and seeing new SISter faces, I'm still amazed at how many SISters I've not met!!!
I loved all your pictures and your story about your student..what a fabulous time it looks like you both had!!
PS..I like this bucket thing you've got going.

cara harjes said...

so cool! love that you have a "bucket list"!
it is fun to cross those things off, huh?