Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Travel Tuesday: Siena, Italy

Yesterday's holiday totally threw me off and I just now realized that today is Tuesday!
This is going to be a short but sweet travel post.

Siena, Italy is a city located in Tuscany. We took a day trip here while we were in Florence. The 4 of us traveling together agreed that this quaint town was hands down the most beautiful and friendly place we had visited in Italy. 

Again, I must remind you that these photos were taken 20 years ago with a cheap camera and a 20-something gal lacking any sort of photography skills at the time. ;-P

This duomo {church} is stunning on both the outside and inside.

Unfortunately, my camera took useless interior photos. Here are some I found through a google search because the interior is not to be missed:

Incredible. Yes?

the Town Square

If I ever get back to Italy I would definitely make an effort to spend a few days here. Just the few hours I spent here walking around in wonder has stayed with me all of these years. Plus, it's a great place to visit to get away from the hustle and bustle of the major tourist cities.

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