Monday, January 10, 2011

things are progressing...

in my world of crafting! Although I have not yet moved from my dark dungeon of a room I'm currently crafting in to a larger and sunnier room in my house I have been busy collecting fun antique furniture and other goodies to furnish and decorate it. Buying all of these fun goodies are giving me motivation to actually start the packing and moving process but talk about a cumbersome move...{sigh}

Ginger and I made our first joint investment in a crafting machine. We have succeeded in avoiding getting sucked into these nifty machines that come out every year but we just had to get Tim Holtz's Vagabond:

Oh what fun! The layered flowers and the caged bird die cut...lovely!

I've managed to get through Dec. 16th in my December Daily. Yeah, I'm still behind. What's new. Here are a few pages but the rest can be seen on my Flickr photostream here.

I also made these towels for a fellow Duranie friend for Christmas. I loved making the first set with apothecary labels so much I couldn't resist making more. I simply downloaded the album covers off of the web and put them in a blank word document and printed out the page on fabric paper. Sew them on and viola! 

I almost wanted to keep them for myself but I'm sure hubby would roll his eyes if these were seen on my towel hanger:

See you tomorrow for Travel Tuesday!

1 comment:

Leslie Avila said...

Super cool towels! I'm sure if those were the only towels to dry off after his shower, it wouldn't matter who was on them. Lol give him choices..say...Duran Duran or hello kitty.
Happy new year!

P.S. Loving you new Vagabon!