Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year in Review

I noticed a lot of fellow bloggers blogging about their Top 10 events, projects and other things but I came across Jeremy's blog and liked his take on the Year in Review. He's a cool dude {probably young enough to be my kid!} who is a talented scrapbooker and story teller. 

Anyhow, thanks Jeremy for the inspiration. Here's my take on the Year 2010 in Review:

January brought a box of vintage photos and albums of my grandmother and her ancestors. My cousin is now organizing them all online for our extended family to see and enjoy. What treasures!

February brought our camping trailer. Say goodbye to nights freezing in our tent and hello to an extended camping season!

 February also brought me a new brother-in-law when my sister got married on Valentine's Day.

March brought my first delve into the world of digital scrapbooking. Great, that's all I need is a new outlet of scrapbooking!

 April was the only thing that took away; Darren's braces that is. ;-P

 May brought Darren closer to God with his holy communion. It was a moment we were proud to share since I was Darren's CCD teacher this year.

June brought me past a personal goal of mine I had set this year: I ran a half marathon! I couldn't have done it without the support of my partner-in-crime, Ginger.

July brought the first day of school. How did my kid end up in 3rd grade already?

August brought us our annual moms and kids only camping trip of the year that Ginger and I probably would rather forget but would probably still do again. What? No BBQ gas connector?

September brought me a sprained ankle on the day of Darren's 9th birthday party and an end to my hopes of doing the SF Metro Dash. :-(

October brought another moms and kids only trip to Disneyland.

November brought a trip to North Lake Tahoe for some much needed R&R.

December hasn't brought my 2 incoming nephews yet but here's they are in month 4 of my sister's ever-growing belly! Now that is gonna be the highlight of 2011 come April/May!

Happy New Year to you all. Be safe!

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Kara said...

sounds like a fantastic year!