Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Travel Tuesday: Brentwood, CA: My Hometown

Happy holidays everyone! I hope Santa treated you all well! 
My sister reminded me on Christmas Eve that I missed last Tuesday's travel post. Well, at least somebody noticed! 

I decided to choose my hometown in honor of the holidays and the comfort of home. I'm blessed to have both sides of my family living all within an hour's drive. I cringe at the thought of flying this time of year and the blizzards and resulting flight delays. Yes, I consider myself lucky!

Since I don't bake homemade pies like my mother nor did I have the energy to even try during the holidays I brought a seriously yummy apple pie to a friend's house for a holiday party. Now, I am spoiled when it comes to eating pie. I mean, my mother makes the best pies. I cringe at the thought of store-bought pies; but, I do make an exception with Kandee's homemade frozen fruit pies that are sold at Tachella Family Farms and Brentwood Fine Meats.

Brentwood may not be bursting with night life, fine dining or a Coach store but we do have fantastic local farm stands and farmer's market. Brentwood is most known for their corn on the cob {yumm-o!} but they also have cherry-picking in the spring where people literally travel from all over the country to pick their own off the trees.

and this U-pick strawberry field that is literally a mile from my house. Darren loves to pick the strawberries so we end up with 4 pounds of them so we freeze some for later and give some away.

Smith Family Farms in the nearby town of Knightsen is also a fun place to visit in the summer. There are farm animals the kids can see. In the month of October you can go listen to a band play fun clap-along songs with the kids complete with a washboard and a banjo. You also get to take a hayride to the pumpkin patch on the other side of the farm and pick your own pumpkin. There are boatloads of photo opportunities to be had!

I'll be back tomorrow with a little something I made for a friend for Christmas as well as some much-delayed photos of the first week of my December Daily. And no surprise here: I'm behind!!!

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