Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend Update

I'm definitely enjoying this 4-day holiday weekend. Ginger and I hit the road with the boys on Saturday and managed to do some retail therapy at Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley and enjoyed an early dinner at Picante. Man, their fish tacos are the BOMB! Yum!

Then we hit IKEA for some mirror frames so that we could "Holtzify" (hey, did I just create a new word or what?) for holiday gifts and then meandered over to My Daughter's Wish in Pleasant Hill and got to say 'hi' to our pal Daniela who was working the crop that night.

Today Darren and I hung out at my parent's house since my 2 nephews were spending the night there. We had quite the day filled with donuts (!) and board games. Here are a few fun shots of our 4-hour marathon game of Spider-Man Monopoly. -- Yes, as you could imagine, it started out with 5 of us playing but the 2 younger ones lost interest after the first hour.

Yay! Jake! Our eventual Monopoly winner!

Well, it looks like I'll be trying to go out for a run tomorrow to work off the donuts I ate if my knee has recuperated enough from a little injury last week at the gym (I won't name names {Ginger!} who had this great idea of doing 200+ walking lunges with weights last week.)

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