Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Voracious Reader

Last month I checked out a Captain Underpants chapter book from the library to read to Darren in order to expose him to chapter books and more challenging text since he is such a good reader.

{pats self on back}

I figured this series would encourage him to try to read a few sentences or pages with me since the books are about 2 elementary school boys who love to get into trouble at school and create comic books about their principal flying around in his underwear (hence, Captain Underpants) and stories involving toilets, boogers and other gross things boys find highly amusing.

Well, I think I've created a monster. He has not only managed to take over the reading of these books (minus a few complicated words here and there) but he has almost finished reading the entire series of them! Here's Darren reading this morning before school:

So, helpful hint to parents who want to encourage their boys to read more:

Get your hands on some Captain Underpants!

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Leslie Avila said...

i'm going to look into this for masyn. he needs to get away from his ds game! what an awesome choice to get motitvated about reading!