Monday, November 10, 2008

Stories in Hand

Last night I registered for Jessica Sprague's {FREE!} Stories in Hand class on her website. I have to admit that I don't do a great job with extensive journaling on my scrapbook pages and I'd love to create more in-depth scrapbook pages.

There are so many stores in my lifetime that I have never bothered to write about in a diary or journal so this class will definitely inspire me to take the time to jot down my thoughts so that I can scrap about it later.

I had a chance to meet Jessica Sprague at last year's CHA in Anaheim. She is super nice and is SO talented. The digital pages she creates are just incredible.

Now off to get started! Hope to see/chat with some of you there!


Leslie Avila said...

i went to the cha too this year in anaheim! that would've been so cool to see you there, since you totally look the same. i have a funny story about that day, well at the time it wasn't funny but now i can look back and laugh....
p.s. keep up the blogging, because i love to read blogs.

kenner said...

i'm in it too
maybe i'll have some time this week for it!