Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween and that crazy place called Facebook

Here are a few photos of Darren at his school's Halloween costume parade. For those of you who don't have little boys, he was Ben 10, which is a Cartoon Network cartoon about a boy who has a watch that can turn him into 10 different aliens. Yeah, I know, such a 'boy thing!'

Halloween fortunately went off without a hitch. My parents came over to help with passing out candy and going treat-or-treating with me and Darren since Bruce had to work. We managed to skirt the scattered sprinkles and came home with quite the candy stash.

On another subject, Ginger got me hooked on Facebook this week. Yeah, great, like I need to spend more time at the computer! Anyhow, it's amazing at how many people I've been able to find from middle school all the way through college. I'm even meeting a friend I haven't seen since high school for lunch next week. Ah the beauty of the internet age.

Being that it's now the first week of November, yes, I did manage to finish the 3 projects Ginger and I had a running bet on. Actually, I finished 5 projects. Yay me! Here's the cover of a birthday mini-book I did from a Scarlet Lime kit club project I bought back in May (Is that evidence that I'm behind!)

I've been busy working mini-projects from Stacey Fike's "10 from 52" online class at SiStv and am enjoying it immensely. Even though the class wrapped up on Friday I am still playing catch-up plus 22 gals who took the class are going to participate in a ATC swap so I'm looking forward to that (Considering it will be my first ATC swap. Yeah, I know, I'm lagging!) Here are a few pages of a "My Music" mini-album I finished:

So now that it's November, anyone start their holiday shopping yet?

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