Sunday, September 14, 2008

the street of the house i grew up in

So my friend Kerry Lynn Yeary (aka 'KL' to those of us in the scrappin' world) is premiering her Kenner Road kit club tomorrow and it certainly looks divine. (sigh!)

I admire KL for her honesty, her passion for her family and her passion and talent for creating scrappy goodness. I also love the RAK she is giving away on her blog. Her kit club is named after the street she grew up in as a child so she asked us to tell our own story about the childhood street we grew up on. I was SO all over this!

I honestly LOVED the street I lived on: Farthing Way.

It was a brand-new housing development back then and almost every single home was filled with young families with elementary-aged children. To make things even better, a brand new elementary school opened at the end of our street so we all enjoyed a very short walk to school everyday.

I can count off the top of my head 22 of us. I can still tell you who lived in which house. All of us neighborhood kids loved playing at each other's homes and riding bikes and skateboards, hopscotch, barbies (!) and a few of us little girls wanting one day to be a cheerleader and memorizing our older brother's Pop Warner football team's cheerleading squad routines. We would spend entire days in the summer hanging out outside just enjoying each other's company. We all grew up together: from elementary school all the way through high school. We were almost like family. Heck, we were one big family.

I miss the close-knit feeling of those days. There was nothing like it.

I have to share this picture because it's dear to me. I had my 20-year high school reunion a few years ago (am I aging myself or what?!?!) and I was able to get this photo of me and a few of my Farthing Way classmates together.

Those were definitely the days. Thanks, KL, for letting me take a trip down memory lane (or shall I say Farthing Way?)

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