Thursday, September 18, 2008

Run Forrest, Run!

So my pal Ginger and I (and possibly even my hubby too!) have set a goal of running in our first-ever 5K this coming November.

Realize that we have never been nor claim to be great runners. On average I can run a mile. 2 miles is definitely pushing it. But recently our beloved boot camp trainer had us unknowingly run 2 miles a few weeks back. And it wasn't THAT bad.

So, to change up our workouts we decided to set a personal goal of running a 5K to keep us motivated to continue running on a regular basis. Now we run 2 miles a few times a week together. A 5K is 3.2 miles so it's definitely a do-able goal for us.

So here are my new best friends:

ha! ha!

Oh, and big news:

Darren turns the big 7 tomorrow. His first grade class just so happens to have a field trip planned tomorrow which I am volunteering as a chaperone so some pictures of our big day and the birthday boy will be up tomorrow!

Happy day!


Ginger Dougherty said...

be the turtle be the turtle be the turtle
work it
own it

Marie said...

awww happy day little one!!! You go girl with ur 5k run! Im right there with ya in spirit lmao!