Friday, November 6, 2009

Totally Exciting News: Ninth Period

Last night I found out that my niece's pilot TV show "9th Period" will be premiering tomorrow at 9:00am on local station KFTY Channel 50. She filmed a few episodes last summer but hadn't heard of the show being picked up until now. I am SO excited for her! Here she is with her two co-stars:

The show is about 3 middle school-aged kids solving mysteries. I think a show like this will be a hit as it's a throwback to the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mysteries TV series that were popular back in my childhood days.

Check out the producer's website: Chan Add Films to see a rough trailer. Let me know what you think if you are able to watch the pilot episode tomorrow!


Heather said...

What awesome news. how cool.

gleestormont said...

well she is just too dang cute. as i have a middle schooler boy myself, we will have to see out this show!