Monday, November 30, 2009

I Ran Wild for a Child

So yesterday morning I got up at 4:45am to do a 10K run with some fellow friends and our boot camp trainer in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. I ran my first 5K run in this same race last year and I think it's now going to be a tradition because every year it just gets more fun. It's the Run Wild for a Child 5K/10K run that's held every year the Sunday following Thanksgiving. The run supports the SF Firefighter's Toy Drive.

8 of us got together and ran 6.2 miles and experienced some pretty amazing moments together. Three of them had never run more than 4 miles or so and they all finished the race under their goal time! The run also served as a huge life milestone for someone else in the group. To go through the run together, supporting each other, experiencing the level of comraderie that we do and sharing laughs and tears all in the span of one race was unforgettable. Love you guys!

 Here we are with our race t-shirts!

Just moments before the run!

Me at the finish line!


McMGrad89 said...

How fun. We have some girls here who have been encouraging each other in events like this. It is a nice thing to see. Keep it up.

Didee said...

Holy smokes, now that is a lot of running!!! Looks like you had a ball and that's the main thing right!! xo