Thursday, November 5, 2009

Been Procrastinating...

I've had so many things to post on my blog that I felt overwhelmed and kept telling myself, "I'll do it tomorrow." Well, tomorrow turned into next week and here we are in November! It's been a whirlwind few weeks since coming back from vacation and helping host my sister's engagement party.

Here's a photo of me and Ginger with the ever-inspiring Donna Downey. Love her! She is a runner like me and she recently completed her first half marathon. I was so inspired by her accomplishment that the next day I officially registered for the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon in SF next February. I'd been pondering signing up but was hesitant on making the training commitment so a huge thank-you to Donna for giving me that kick that I needed!

We took a mixed media class with her at Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley a few weeks back and decided it was the perfect album for my sister's engagement party photos.

Halloween was fun this year. Darren's school had a Halloween parade and party so I spent about 5 hours in his classroom that day. (!) Here's Darren with a few of his classmates (or shall I say partners in crime?)

I invited my parents and Ginger and her family over for a BBQ and then we took turns handing out the candy and taking the kids trick-or-treating. The boys are at such a fun age for this holiday and I'm glad they enjoyed celebrating it together.

Are they hilarious or what?!?

I have another mini-album to post so look out for a blog update again soon! (I promise!)

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