Monday, April 12, 2010

Wacky and Wet Weekend

I had such a whirlwind weekend! Friday night I cropped {well, mostly shopped and laughed!} with Ginger, Marie and Kerry Lynn at Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley. We browsed Anthro on 4th St., ate yummy food at Picante and laughed those kinds of laughs where your stomach hurts and tears are streaming out of your eyes.

The next morning Ginger and I ran a dreaded 8 miles in cold and wind for our half marathon training. Running 8 miles in no wind is hard enough but the wind added a whole new dimension to that run! Boy, was I glad when that was over!

Sunday arrived with pouring down rain and was supposed to be a day checking out cool Lego creations at Bricks By the Bay in Fremont but the line wrapped through the hotel entrance and up 2 floors of the parking structure next to it. Needless to say, we scrapped that plan and headed over to Toys R Us as a consolation for disappointed 8-year olds. 

Last night I ventured back to the world of digi-scrapping and created this:

I took this photo of Darren and his cousin Jason during my sister's wedding in Kauai in February. "keiki" is hawaiian for kids...and well, uh, you get the picture! When you get these two together for an extended period of time they can sometimes spell trouble!


Anonymous said...
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nikki peterson said...

i want to come scrap with you ladies... let me know next time you are going...

Didee said...

OMGoodness....that layout is totally amazing!!!! I would swear you have been digi scrapping for years girl! AMAZING!! xo