Sunday, August 16, 2009

Let's hope this is a better week!

I pride myself in the fact that I am normally a really good sleeper. My husband is jealous that I can put my head down on the pillow and be asleep within 5 minutes. Well, that certainly wasn't the case this past week.

I was up on Wednesday until 4:30am and managed to sleep for about 1 1/2 hrs. And this was after taking a melatonin to help me sleep!

I was a zombie the next day and still managed to get a terrible night's sleep on Thursday. By Friday morning I was beside myself. I took some advice from a friend {you know who you are!} and went to Walgreens and bought myself some Nyquil. Aaaaaahhhh!!! Talk about a GREAT night's sleep!

So I've been out of my regular workout schedule due to my sleep issues but managed to squeeze in a run this afternoon. The 85 + degree weather didn't help matters but it felt good to get out on the road!

Any runners out there? What are your favorite motivating songs on your iPod when you run? I need a new playlist!

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