Friday, February 20, 2009

Love and Basketball

On Monday Ginger and her hubby called me and the hubby out for a game of 2-on-2 basketball. We gladly accepted. In the end it ended up being me and Ginger against the husbands (how did that happen?)

They did beat us in the first game when we were limited to playing just a quarter of a court. But, when a half court became available to us Ginger and I used our running game to outsmart the boys at their own game and we beat the men 20 to 18! There may have been some double dribbling, traveling and other fouls on our part but hey, we never admitting to being experts on the game. ;)

Here are the boys taking the loss well and Ginger perhaps not taking our win so modestly!

So tomorrow Ginger and I are going to Picture Me Perfect in Fremont to take a class called "Cheaper by the Dozen" by sisTV Fashionista Nikki Peterson! I can't wait! We'll create 12 layouts in 3 hours. For me, that's near impossible so this class should be an eye-opener for me! I haven't been able to take a class of hers before and I love her use of color and different mediums. Here's a 'lil something I pulled from her blog. She's amazing.

So, lately I've been on an ATC craze. I just finished a woodgrain ATC swap over at sisTV. Here's the sneak peek I took:

I'm already working on my next ATC swap: the alphabet swap. 26 of us are each choosing a letter of the alphabet as the basis for creating a card. My letter: H (H is for hula!) It's already halfway done!

I'll definitely take a lot of pictures at tomorrow's class. So until then, happy Friday!


shaina said...

lovin your ATC's! and i'm soooo jealous that you get to take nikki's class!!
enjoy it for us all!

Leslie Avila said...

hey girlie,
i forgot to ask you if you got my valentines day card? just making sure the clear envelope worked!

nikki peterson said...

thanks for coming yesterday. always love seeing you!