Friday, December 5, 2008

Cat Drama and Pajama Day

My sweet 12-year old cat, Bocce (think Bocce ball) has not been able to hold down any food for the past month. At first I thought he had dental issues and/or hairballs but after noticeable weight loss I took him into the vet yesterday.

Come to find out this afternoon that blood results shows he is suffering from hypothyroidism. Yeah, I thought only people got that too. Thankfully, no surgery is necessary but he will be on meds for the rest of his 9 lives. Thank goodness it wasn't a tumor or something awful like that. I can't imagine my life without my cat. Heck, I've had him longer than hubby!

After about 15 takes, I finally managed to get a few shots of my guy.

My other guy had PJ Day at school today so I only managed to get this photo when I went to pick him up this afternoon since this morning the fog was SO thick I couldn't see anything! I suppose I'll have to get a photo of our infamous fog one morning so you all can get a sense of how thick it is. Let me tell you, it's not fun to drive in!

So does everyone have their holiday decorations up? I am usually so good at having everything up the day after Thanksgiving but last weekend was so crazy the decorating didn't happen until Sunday late afternoon. My house is by far not Martha Stewart's but it still makes me happy nonetheless.


Leslie Avila said...

look at you, so good about putting up christmas decorations already! is your son in year around school too? masyn had pajama day on friday also, and that was their last day of school. anyways, hope you're having a great day~

Sasha said...

Girl Pajama day is the best day for the kids to me, cuz umm they can just roll out of bed LMAO .. but umm yah for some reason I always go out and buy them pajamas just for pajama day.