Monday, February 14, 2011

{Happy Heart Day}

I'm not really a big Valentine's Day person. I told hubby in our first year of marriage that he didn't need to go out and spend perfectly good money on overpriced roses on Valentine's Day. For one, I can't seem to keep flowers alive for more than 2 days without killing them. And two, if he were to buy flower bunches I can't arrange them for the life of, just don't bother. I'd rather just get a new pair of shoes. LOL

I've been on a crocheting rampage of late and I decided to finally make myself a cozy. 

I love it. I stitched it while I was watching the Grammy Awards last night. Jennifer Lopez looked great. How does one get that "glow"? She always looks so together.

This chick definitely wins for outrageous outfit of the night {which I'm sure it was what she was going for}

Nicki Minaj

I have to say that I never paid much attention to Arcade Fire but they had an exciting performance last night after winning Album of the Year and now I'm contemplating buying the album.

So going back to my coffee cozy I also happened to pick this up at  Michael's on Sunday:

This upcycle magazine comes from the same publisher as Somerset Studio. It's filled with tons of great upcycling ideas and it gave me loads of craft inspiration. Check it out if  you can. It even inspired me to wrap my Valentine's Day gifts with the funnies pages from my morning newspaper. 

I guess I was pretty busy on the crafting front this weekend because I also finally had a chance to download and create this calendar. 

You can buy the kit at the House of 3. I scored 30% off since I subscribe to their newsletter. If you hurry, you can still get anything in the store at 30% off by using code love30 during checkout.

What did you create for Valentine's Day?

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Marie aka bettiescrapbook said...

I love arcade fire. Jennifer's makeup always looks so pretty. I want to be able to do my makeup like that lol! Love the coffee cozy very cute!!!