Sunday, November 7, 2010

Randomness...and a start of something new!

I'm slowly making my way back into the gym. I'm trying to take it nice and slow because I:
(1) Haven't worked out on a regular basis in over 2 months! Yikes!
(2) Don't want to reinjure myself working out too hard because I am forty-*cough* years old
(3) Because I want to run in the Run Wild for a Child 5K/10K at the end of this month...and you know how I've been cursed of late. Everytime I sign up for a race or an event I get hurt! So I am simply going to show up and register the day of the event. How's that for smart thinking?

Here are a few digital pages I created over the past few days.

I've been wanting to start a weekly something on my blog and I think I've come up with one I'm excited about. 

BUT, you'll have to come back and visit me on Tuesday because that will be my first weekly post of my something new!

Any guesses on what it could be? 
Here's a hint:
It's related to something I love to do and it's not scrapbook-related or camping-related.

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