Monday, May 24, 2010

this and that

Here's a digi-page I made on Friday night:

Forecast is calling for rain ALL week but we are taking this baby out on her maiden voyage this weekend rain or shine! 

I made this cute little mini-album for my son's teacher yesterday:

Darren's class has been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. They each started out with their own caterpillar inside of a clear cup and watched it spin its chrysalis and eventually saw it emerge ~ transformed into a butterfly. Man, I wish I had fun things like that back when I was a little kid in school. You can buy the kits here.

I didn't want to miss seeing the kids release their butterflies outside so I came armed with my camera for the big event. 

On a side note related to my half-marathon training I have hit a rather prolonged speed bump. My impingement problem hasn't gone away and has now managed to cause all kinds of lower back pain. I've tried stretching {which I think made it worse. Oops!} and resting all to no avail. 

I have a physical therapy appointment tomorrow. I'm hoping they can help me with treatment or some appropriate home therapy options. I am running this race even if I have to walk it but I'm still crossing my fingers that I'll get ailing and aging body ready in time for the big day because I want to run all 13.1 miles!

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sausan said...

Hey you are getting into Digi! Looks fab!

Diane TY so much for dropping by on my Blog to leave a comment :)

I'd like you to choose one of the kits Dina used to create her hybrid pages. So just go ahead and let me know once yu found one you like :) Email me at sausan (at) pinksodapop (dot) de


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