Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Me? Hockey?

I have never been a hockey fan nor did I ever think I would be one. But this whole Olympic Hockey madness sucked me in. I'll have to admit I didn't get the chance to watch much of the Winter Olympics because it started while we were in Kauai for my sister's wedding and watching TV (besides The Bachelor and American Idol - tee hee!) wasn't a priority.

It all started with Team USA vs. Switzerland quarterfinals. Although I don't claim to know much about hockey besides getting the puck into the net the whole empty-net goal by Team USA was exciting. Now I get it (the excitement of the sport, that is!)

It's too bad that we lost to Canada but what a great game. Huh?

I also watched Men's Speed Skating. Apollo Ohno is one talented dude. 


OK, that's not what he wears while competing but...
I personally think he was robbed of a Gold in the Men's 1000 m race. He single-handedly managed to make it through every single one of his races by jumping over fallen skaters. Total athleticism!

OK - on to another subject.

I love Anthropologie but this month's catalog is amazing. The clothes. The photography. The tropical setting. 




Love this dress


and this outfit.

The colors in the catalog are giving me some inspiration to scrap. My goal is to do just that this week. I haven't sat down to scrap in close to a month. I'm hoping to change that come this weekend.

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