Monday, March 29, 2010

Hey! Where did my Spring Break go?

In the blink of an eye it was GONE! Darren and I both enjoyed the last 2 weeks off from school for our celebrated Spring Break. As luck would have it my little guy decides on Day #2 of vacation to get yet another fever! Seriously?!? It lasts 5 fun-filled days of staying indoors and watching lots of TV. Oh joy!

I should probably thank the stars above that he actually got sick our first week off because the following weekend we were off with friends for 3 days at Disneyland!!!

We did it all: The Matterhorn (at least 5 times!), Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Grizzly Peak and Pirates of the Caribbean to name a few. The most exciting and most frightening ride was easily 

The Twilight Zone's Tower of Terror. 

Why I thought to take the 3 oldest boys on this ride was a good idea is beyond me! I figured I should face my fears and go for it. Well, here's a photo of the boys with their "scared" faces while we were waiting in line pondering our fate:

By the time we got to the front of the line one of the boys decided to back out (he shall remain nameless!) One of the ride attendants was kind enough to watch him while we went on the ride as apparently this happens all the time. Well, let's just say that he who shall remain nameless made a VERY wise decision.That ride was probably the scariest ride I have EVER been on. The first drop wasn't so bad, the second one I thought to myself: thank God it's over! And then the last drop. Um, yeah. It did me in. A free-fall from the 13th floor. I went into survivor mode! I blew deep breaths to get through it and couldn't get out of my seatbelt quick enough to get out! 

The boy who backed out asked me if he had made a good decision by not going and I told him, "Yes! You are so smart to have not gone because it wasn't good!" If you want to see the ride experience check out this You Tube video I found: Tower of Terror

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Ginger Dougherty said...

it was fast. but boy did we have fun!!!