Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coastal Camping = Brrrrr!

Camping trip #3 for 2009 took place over the Memorial Day weekend. Fitting enough, we camped at Memorial Park just off of Pescadero Beach.

I admit, I have a soft spot for this campground. I've camped here since I was a child. And being surrounded by redwood trees, fresh coastal air and the smell of a campfire makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. It was just me, Ginger and our boys. We piled everything into Bruce's truck, left the camping kitchen behind and headed west on Friday afternoon.

Let's just say that the average temperature over the weekend was about 51 degrees. Um, yeah. It was COLD. Aside from the box of wood we brought with us, we spent a total of $32 on wood to keep our fire burning through most of the late afternoon and at night. It was worth every dollar!

We went on hikes, climbed trees, played in what I call the "treehouse" and ate lots of not-so-healthy things like 4 loaves of garlic artichoke bread fresh from the oven from our favorite store in Pescadero (I mean, people line up for this stuff and it's gone as soon as it hits the shelf) hot links, camping spaghetti, beer and s'mores. But come on, isn't that half of the fun of camping?

I'd have to say the funniest thing that happened on our trip was when Ginger had taken a trip to the bathroom only to come running out of it with her pants still around her ankles because a woman in the stall next to her yelled out that there was a snake on the toilet rim. Now if you know Ginger, she is about as afraid of snakes as I am of spiders. Ah, what a good laugh that was! (Sorry Ginger!)

the campsite

the treehouse

the ongoing campfire

my parents drove out on Saturday for the day. look what they
brought for dessert:

fresh strawberries and whipped cream. yum!

playing on the logs next to our campsite

the "constant snacker"

why do our boys love to suck on limes? at least it kept them
quiet for a while!

the boys roasting their hot dogs

busted! now we know why we had limes!

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