Thursday, October 16, 2008

Project 1 down...2 to go!

Ginger and I made a bet yesterday. We have been going through our out-of-control stash of scrappy supplies and tossing out STACKS of paper, alphas, embellies, you name it. We need to start a scrapbook supply addiction program. Stat.

We have also both been complaining about how many unfinished projects we have so we made a bet that we both need to finish 3 projects by month's end. If we don't get them done then the loser buys the winner a drink! (or two!)

So, I finally finished this mini-book of a hike we took the boys on this past summer while on one of our many camping trips.

This hike (and book) all came from a story my dad told me. Earlier this summer while on a camping trip he tried to convince some of his grandkids to go on a hike with him but they all boo-hoo'd the idea. So, my dad tried to get the kids excited about an adventure: Do you want me to show you the famous bridge from the Indiana Jones movie? Of course the response was a resounding "Yes!"

It was his way of enticing the kids to go trail hiking.

On a camping trip this past summer I wanted to take the kids on a hike up a 1-mile loop trail to get a bit of exercise and figured they wouldn't want to go if I told them we were just going hiking. So, I asked the boys if they would like to go on a hunt to find Indiana Jones's crystal skull. Talk about hitting the jackpot! These boys were excited! Of course, you'll have to look at the book to see what happened...


Sasha said...

Hey girl wassup .. yah yah you right you know I am just too through with them..girl I LOVE THAT MINI .. dont front it is hot lol..and yes girl Kenley was just to bitchy for me, and stuck up. I think she thought she was going to win, me and hubby were like umm her shyt is whack LOL.


Karen said...

Great mini book!

milkcan said...

Oh my gosh! Your mini is *fabulous* and amazing!

Cassie said...

What a fabulous project! Your book is gorgeous!!!