Sunday, September 27, 2009

Can you say, "Vacation?"

We've waited 3 long years but it's finally here! Our first REAL vacation where we actually get to fly on a plane and go somewhere tropical. I don't consider a trip a vacation unless it entails the ocean, warm weather and sleeping somewhere other than in a tent. Although I do enjoy camping trips, a Kauai vacation ranks up there as one of my favorite vacation spots.

I meant to post this picture earlier from my 10K run a few weeks back. I love how Darren is rooting me on in this last stretch before the finish line.

Darren also turned 8 last weekend. I'm not sure when my little boy got to be not so little anymore but I am trying to treasure these last few years before the "tween" years. I don't even want to think that far ahead! So we finally succumbed to the years of asking for a Nintendo DS. We justified the purchase by acknowledging how well he is doing academically in school and that this hand-held gaming system sure would make our 5 1/2 hour flight from SF to Lihue much easier!

Yesterday Ginger & I attended a Scrap Pink! all-day crop in Oakley. It was put on by Crop Til You Drop Retreats. We scrapped from 10am - 9pm and I must say we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I brought a portable DVD player so we watched 5 movies while we scrapped. I also made this:

I call it my 10-hour labor of love. It was fun but laborious to make due to glitter issues and hand-sewing the crepe paper ruffles. But I love it!

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Sasha said...

Girl man I need to start doing more creative things like this I love that banner you did good with that .. and what a vacation .. what you got planned this winter .. yall doing anything special?

Me .. IMa be packing LOL..