Monday, April 20, 2009

Sun + Sunday = Beach and some vintage finds!

So Sunday was set to be 80 degrees in San Francisco. Yup, 80 degrees in April! So we headed out with our favorite road warriors, the Doughertys, and high-tailed it to Chrissy Field.

Everyone must have been thinking the same thing because the beach was packed with families. I could swear it got up to 90 in the afternoon. The kids easily got in the frigid waters but I couldn't stand to put my feet in for more than 10 seconds without getting that numbing sensation.

Ginger and I did a garage sale at Darren's elementary school on Saturday and ended up foraging through our friend's rummage who happened to be selling some of his antiques next to us.

I love this:

and this:

So what else have I had my eyes on?


They are Limited Edition Coach bags designed by Bonnie Cashin. I love the colors.

Yeah, this bag would be worn in my other life as a rock star. LOL

and this one just makes me happy.


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Ginger Dougherty said...

Ahhhh yes, vintage finds is the last Coach bag you have a picture of....