Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break is winding down to a close

...and what a break it's been! I'm pooped! Last weekend we spent 3 days up at Casini Ranch Campground which is on the Russian River and about 25 minutes away from beautiful Bodega Bay. We camped with my good friend Ginger and her family. The kids had a blast. Check us out in this picture. Notice anything strange?

Yup. We were TWINS! The day we set up camp we realized that our husbands had on jeans and green t-shirts and Ginger and I had on jeans and red t-shirts. Too funny.

After being home for a day and a half we then drove to Reno for a few days of gambling and shopping at the Patagonia outlet and the new Cabela's sporting goods store. Although the shopping was a bit of a disappointment everyone who went enjoyed themselves. The kids loved playing in the arcade at Circus Circus and Bruce enjoyed eating one night at the buffet. LOL

The time away from home was nice but next week we're back to days filled with school, work and laundry. Oh well, we're all refreshed and ready to get back to the grind.

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